Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A while ago...

I had a very serious conversation with a friend of mine.
Of noble Austrian blood he had "severe" old fashion ideas (or so I thought back then) but the most shocking was that he was only 18 years old back when we had this "talk". I wanted to go to Spain and do a Master's degree.

He kept on telling me it was useless to study all that since I would eventually get married and have kids. He used to say that it was preferrable for me to study something that would help me be a good housewife and a great mother, I just could not believe my ears! an 18 year old man, born and raised in the first world and in the 21st century speaking such things?!

Now days, I think he might have been right! Ha! Why? Because now I am married with kids and I think I kinda get his point of view.

Perhaps study something that would help me feed balanced meals to my darling little one (nutrition) or balanced and yummy meals (cuisine&nutrition), or perhaps make her garments by sowing (fashion design), or just something that would allow me be my own company/business and at the same time take care of my family and have MY own schedules and work.

If only I could turn back time, I think I would do some things differently.

Oh, BTW, he is now at the seminar becoming a Man of God... I am pretty sure he must know something about what he was saying, and he actually nailed it. He will be a great spiritual leader, I am sure.

Monday, April 04, 2011

My piggy bank

I so need to get back to reading!
I miss learning new words, imagining new places or traveling to foreign places and distant lands... I need to make a piggy bank so I can buy my kindle and actually afford buying e-books. Especially because I have no physical space at home, we cannot just put another book on the shelf. So my count starts today and the first thing on my list is my kindle and the tons of cool gadgets to make it look the way I want it to.
Need to get ahead on that job I have on hold, the books I am editing.
All about books today.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

So I did it... and now I kinda regret it...

So I came here, and read my blog...
Everything I had posted since 2007 and even when I loved what I had written and my personal writing style, many of it was part of my life that does not exist anymore, a little depressing really so I decided to change the whole style, content and so I DELETED EVERYTHING, of course you read a warning that says this action cannot be undone, and even so I said OK.
Now I kinda regret it but hey! NO REGRETS, right?
I'm back! Yeay! :)